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Egypt! There is always something so charming and captivating about this country! The history of ancient Egypt along with the modern lifestyle makes our properties for sale Egypt so appealing. From the Nile River Valley, including the colossal Pyramids, Sphinx at Giza, the hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs in Luxor monuments to the most delicious restaurants, wild nightlife, enchanting spas and the best shopping boutiques. You will have it all when you benefit from our properties for sale Egypt.

Cairo, El Sahel El Chamali (the North coast) and Alexandria are the perfect locations if you’re searching for properties for sale Egypt. Enjoy the real life in Cairo, the mesmerizing sceneries and activities in Sahel El Chamali, and the magic of Alexandria. Our properties for sale Egypt will definitely grant you the serenity and peace of mind you’re longing for.

With our properties for sale Egypt, you will experience the best of the Egypt’s coastlines with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water; enjoy the relaxing boat trip as you gently cruise through the azure of the Nile River; explore the tastiest of dishes and discover the mysterious monuments.

Our properties for sale Egypt are the perfect blend of simplicity and modernity, where Capital Real Estate make sure to create a harmonious relationship between its modern architecture and Egypt’s beautiful natural surroundings, inviting the residents to enjoy the serenity of this pleasantly progressive lifestyle.

When you buy one of our properties for sale Egypt, you choose the unique experience of a country that beautifully obligates its residents to soak up all the positive energy in its streets. You will appreciate the great mixture of the pharaohs’ ancient history with the modern society twist. Our properties for sale Egypt are your next perfect setting.

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