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Properties for Sale Alexandria

With Capital Real Estate, you can buy properties for sale Alexandria, one of Egypt’s most beautiful cities.  Associated with Alexander and Cleopatra, Alexandria continues to play an important role in preserving and transmitting the Hellenic culture to the wider Mediterranean world.

Our properties for sale Alexandria, offers you a chance to enjoy living amidst the second largest city in Egypt, "The Pearl of the Mediterranean". Due to its splendid atmosphere, its great ambience and its cultural heritage, this city is unlike any other cities in Egypt. Go ahead and buy properties for sale Alexandria to experience a stunning living environment adequate for those of you with a desire to live life at its peak.

Catering to divers, hikers, trekkers, locals and tourists, Alexandria enjoys a distinguished synergy of prime location, accessibility, architectural and natural beauty. Buy properties for sale Alexandria and appreciate everything this gorgeous city has to offer you. From the underwater discoveries, the Greek Quarter, Bab Rosetta District, the Corniche and Muntaza Palace and Gardens, Alexandria never stops to amaze its visitors and residents.

Our properties for sale Alexandria are designed to catch the charm of the past with a combination of diverse cultural, historical and natural influences. Alexandria’s warm sun, calming breeze, mesmerizing beach and beautiful surroundings, fills you up with a serenity that leaves you speechless.

When you buy properties for sale Alexandria, you are buying more than just a beautiful house in a perfect location; you are buying the Alexandrian experience: a life full of sunshine and positive energy. Buying properties for sale Alexandria provides you with a winning formula of a relaxing location and yet keeps within the action.

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