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Properties for Sale Bursa

Once again, Capital Real estate has chosen one of the most beautiful zones to construct its fabulous residential projects and indeed Bursa, Turkey was a must. In prime locations within Bursa, we are offering you various residential projects and housing plans to choose from, whether you are a local resident or an international investor, our properties for sale Bursa must be your impeccable choice at all times.

Prime locations in the heart of this modern city, yet the important historical hub, have attracted investors from all around the world and lately statistics showed a particular interest by the Arab investors, indicating a special interest in the city’s attractions besides buying properties for sale in Bursa as holiday homes.

Our various properties for sale Bursa are currently available in great spots within Nelver Province and Damerji; available in different spaces and full range facilities consisting of, and not limited to, swimming pools and playgrounds in addition to maintenance and security… All what you can think of in a genuine home is so much confided within our fabulous and great architectural housing designs and properties for sale within Bursa.

Enjoy well-built properties for sale in Bursa with magnificent smart interiors and superb exteriors built on a selection of green plots with marvelous views and in exceptional easy accessed locations.

Our great properties for sale Bursa are available for you to buy now and with exceptional payment facilities just as the city is growing gradually to become “the highly sought after city” as it is anticipated and in the very near future.

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